Beirut: You Always Remember The First Time.

The Foreign Office advice was clear, do not go to Lebanon, and if it’s absolutely necessary then under no circumstances should you go to the Southern suburbs of Beirut, do not go to the South of the country and do not drink the contaminated water supply. Sitting in the cushioned back seat of a lime […]

Beirut: You Always Remember The First Time.



22ND March2020

Who might have thought of being locked into their own homes and living in  out most fear of a pandemic in the year 2020.
Around 23 Dec 2020, i was not well and suffered from something like hay fever, i was so weak and having trouble breathing after few days of constant pain in stomach and indigestion and dry mouth went for consultation, got my medicines mostly for indigestion but got relief afterwards, while on the other hand most of the known relatives and friend told the same story of indigestion and fever with more or less same symptoms , to my remembrance the first time i got to see the news of corona virus outbreak news was somewhere in February, although the disease was already reported way back in November 2019 somewhere as the reports suggest. That is now a global pandemic.
The pandemic not only bought a surge of fear but it rather took a toll on every aspect of human life. From life style changes to health care and economic drift, bought about everything that we as a 21st century developed humans never though of, corona virus as a global threat bought major changes in traveling industry, worlds longest lock down happened and everything from tourism to education to playgrounds everything was in a lock down, we humans were and still are in a lock down kind of situation, many countries till now a date still in lock down some countries gave few relaxations and others are striving hard to get over this pandemic.


Next Part 02…..coming soon, speculations and different theories towards the end of pandemic.

Self Colonization and Religious sentiments

An invasive tool to politics

Celebrating, every year the Gantantra Divas’ The Republic ..60 Years were not enough to reap the seeds of Divide and rule.

While st a country got independence from the colonial rule of the British Raj is still struggling to achieve self independence from the self obsession of religious colonization build upon around by the rulers to benefit their own goals of power money and corruption.

Certainly this Religious colonization building upon is pushing back the Nation from any sort of positive developments, As the 5 year freedom struggle starts from election campaigning to voting poll booths till the results. The Propaganda, communal hate speeches, spitting upon the poison of polarization, become essential tools to upheld the emotions on religious sentiments of the masses, subsequently a reason of ”Declared result”.
Instead of voters conscious effort, for the over all development, these colonial boundaries influence our conscious for various reasons to the extend that one becomes the tool of a particular ideology driven by a political party and candidate.

The above link shows the ground reality.

While in an interview Professor Raghuram Rajan argued that a ”colonial Mentality is hindering India’s economic growth and urged Indians to take a more proactive role in building up the country’s ”ACADEMIC HUMAN CAPITAL”,
So to ease the term “human capital’ the skills, knowledge, possessed by an individual or population viewed in terms of their value or cost to a country.

Communalism and Human Capital’,

Not to forget to mention that economic growth can take place in environment of tranquility, reason being communal-ism creates an atmosphere of intolerance and violence ‘‘lynching” can be seen an example promoted by the current center government,

which impends the flow of goods and capital unrest, productive activities are diverted and mass destruction of public property, and human life can be seen to spread one kind of ideology which is quiet evident in the Modern India in the form of Cow Vigilantes and mob killers or lynchers.


Net Surfing is the easiest task but to know what gateway we are using and how much this platform makes us prone to dangers of getting the most of information out to the world still after privacy setting we feel I AM SAFE.

Somewhere we have to think that digitalization in future will let to the biggest threat to Health safety and security of digitalized Nations.

On Friday, 12 May 2017,

Largest cyber attack that left infecting more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries, demanding ransom payments in the crypto currency bit coin in 28 languages. WannaCry began affecting computers worldwide. The initial infection attacked either through a vulnerability in the network defenses or a very well-crafted spear phishing attack.

What is Crypto currency bit coin: – To get more familiar with this term for present and future on-line payment such as sending payments via banks, transferring money via money transfer operators or buying goods and services over the internet, using credit card.

Disruption and challenges :- In financial industry crypto currencies such as Bit coin is a major concern issue as we are moving ahead towards digitalization and crypto currency the more of on-line money transfer and internet payable services.

Major challenge:- Widespread use of these services customer adoption, stakes at major risks regarding crypto currencies, Every day, new Bitcoin startups are announced in the press, and an increasing number of businesses are reported to accept it as a means of payment.

Payments industry players are closely watching these developments, because crypto currencies have the potential to disrupt and transform the existing global financial infrastructure. Invented as ‘a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash (that) allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution’, Bit coin is considered by its supporters to be a faster, cheaper and more convenient alternative to other payment mechanisms created by Satoshi Nakamoto, who published the invention on 31 October 2008 to a cryptography mailing list in a research paper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

The attack affected Telefónica and several other large companies in Spain, as well as parts of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS),  FedEx, Deutsche Bahn and LATAM Airlines. Other targets in at least 99 countries were also reported to have been attacked around the same time.

According to reports, three or more hardcoded bitcoin addresses, or “wallets”, are used to receive the payments of victims. Thus with all such wallets their transactions and balances are publicly accessible even though the wallet owners remain unknown.

The attack affected many National Health Service hospitals in England and Scotland, and up to 70,000 devices — including computers, MRI scanners, blood-storage refrigerators and theatre equipment

Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK in Tyne and Wear, one of Europe’s most productive car manufacturing plants, halted production after the ransomware infected some of their systems.

Renault also stopped production at several sites in an attempt to stop the spread of the ransomware

Cybersecurity expert Ori Eisen said that the attack appears to be “low-level” stuff, given the ransom demands of $300 and states that the same thing could be done to crucial infrastructure, like nuclear power plants, dams or railway systems.

According to James Scott from the Institute of Critical Infrastructure Technology, ransomware emerged “as an epidemic” in 2016, with the healthcare sector being particularly vulnerable. He stated that “the staff has no cyber-hygiene training, they click on phishing links all the time. The sad thing is they weren’t backing up their data properly either, so that’s a big problem. They should be doing that all the time.” He also notes that “you’re only as strong as your weakest link within your organization from a cyber-perspective”.

The attack brought the value of having good, secure backups and good cyber-security including having the latest security patches installed delay in applying security updates and lack of support by Microsoft of legacy versions of Windows left many users vulnerable.

Black Money or Blacksheep

When the Major countries faced the heat of recession

Rajan: I am not quite sure if what you meant is demonetise the old notes and introduce new notes instead. In the past demonetisation has been thought off as a way of getting black money out of circulation. Because people then have to come and say “how do I have this ten crores in cash sitting in my safe” and they have to explain where they got the money from. It is often cited as a solution. Unfortunately, my sense is the clever find ways around it.

They find ways to divide up their hoard in to many smaller pieces. You do find that people who haven’t thought of a way to convert black to white, throw it into the Hundi in some temples. I think there are ways around demonetization. It is not that easy to flush out the black money. Of course, a fair amount may be in the form of gold, therefore even harder to catch. I would focus more on the incentives to generate and retain black money. A lot of the incentives are on taxes.

My sense is the current tax rate in this country is for the most part reasonable. We have a reasonable tax regime, for example, the maximum tax rate on high-incomes is 33%, in the US it is already 39% plus State taxes, etc., it takes it to near 50. We are actually lower than many industrial countries. Given that, there is no reason why everybody who should pay taxes is not paying taxes. I would focus more on tracking data and better tax administration to get at where money is not being declared. I think it is very hard in this modern economy to hide your money that easily.

Parenting an issue ?

Mold it the way you want hold it till it doesn’t get firm after all they are your ‘Taare Zameen Par’

Today do we really need education of children, rather than we need to educate on parenting issues, Earlier if we see mostly women or mother were not educated and used to work around the household chores, time changed and so the thinking that a women should be educated to know her rights and to guide through her kids well, But to the grit do we find that today’s young working and much educated women’s are very unstable in relationship building and carrying them ahead, why so?
I am dealing largely with the students and so with their parents, to extend of my surprise, I have came across time and again that now when we have sent the kids to study here our responsibility is over? My mind struck on how can parents, ever withdraw by saying so.
Are we being parents too busy to see what is going on in our children life? Are we trying to understand and to communicate with the children? Do we get time on dinner tables to discuss the whole day activities?

All we have is social media communication parents are added in friends list, and the days are celebrated as they have their parents for that particular day i.e. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on. Our relations are largely today depending on days, the guidance that used to start from homes earlier now starts from the crèche or day care? Give a thought before you leave your toddler in the hands of strangers?

Build a place for interaction and communication to discipline kids from toddlers to teens to adolescents there are many ways for parents to improve building strong communication channel and a positive relationships.

Parenting Techniques:-
Try to spend time on a regular basis to do something fun with your child, in doing so many things can be observed in children, Adolescents ,  discipline is the demand of this time so try to implement in front of the children. Agree on what behavior is desirable and not desirable. Today we hardly respond on undesirable behavior of the children. Look for gradual changes in behavior. Don’t expect too much. Praise behavior that is coming closer to the desired goal. Reward desirable behavior as much as possible by verbal praise, touch or something tangible such as a toy, food or money.

The “3 Fs” of Effective Parenting:-

Firm:- Consequences should be clearly stated and then adhered to when the inappropriate behavior occurs.

Fair:- The punishment should fit the crime. Also in the case of recurring behavior, consequences should be stated in advance so the child knows what to expect.

 Use a friendly but firm communication style to let children share everything with you as a friend instead they share it anywhere else and get an inappropriate advice.



This is notably because youth is a time for experimentation and identity forming:-

Drug abuse among children and adolescents is higher this is notably because youth is a time for experimentation and identity forming. (This is the time when they try to find out the person in them the Physical and psychological changes as well plus these days the negligence and peer following are some of the major reasons why adolescents are the vulnerable population to fall prey of this giant abuse) Followed by an association with particular youth subcultures and lifestyles fashion and to trend among their peers,


In India an NGO survey revealed that 63.6 % of patients coming in for treatment were introduced to drugs at a young age below 15 years. According to another report 13.1% of the people involved in drug and substance abuse in India, are below 20 years. Heroin, Opium, Alcohol, Cannabis and Propoxyphene is the five most common drugs being abused by children in India. A survey shows that of all alcohol, cannabis and opium users 21%, 3% and 0.1% are below the age of eighteen. An emerging trend about child drug abusers is the use of a cocktail of drugs through injection, and often sharing the same needle, which increases their risk of HIV infection. Overall 0.4% and 4.6% of total treatment seekers in various states were children.

 Lack of Parental Guidance and Communication which is acting as a helping agent:-

W.H.O. Report:-

If current trends continue, 250 million children alive today will be killed by tobacco.” The incidence of drug abuse among children and adolescents is higher than the general population. This is notably because youth is a time for experimentation and identity forming.

Lack of Education and Sensitization:-

There is a major problem in India that there are no sensitization programmes about drug abuse in schools or for children out of school. The use of tobacco is another major concern amongst children. In India 20 million children a year and nearly 55,000 children a day are drawn into a tobacco addition.

Street children and risks attached to them.:-

The use of certain drugs such as whitener, alcohol, tobacco, hard and soft drugs is especially wide spread among street children, working children and trafficked children the high use of intravenous drugs is accompanied by sharing of needles and hence a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.  Children affected by Substance Abuse and other criminal activities they fall in.

NGO’s ,Help Groups, Psychologists, Therapist’s, Correction centers :-

There are many NGO’s and Help groups which are working day and night to Echo on such social evils and the role of proper Parenting techniques. Not only substance abuse but now we have internet as a source of wrong information provider and a place to get trapped in wrong groups and sites.
Parents should acknowledge the source of information what their kids are getting and how to put restrictions on them. They should understanding the unique needs of a toddler or adolescent, seeking alternatives to time-outs or punishment, or ending physical or emotional violence within the family, Violence is another cause that children notice at home and get emotional trauma and to deal with it they fall prey of various ill habits, plus the family structure in India is also a bigger reason of parenting problems,

The nuclear family system:-

The nuclear family system and suspending the traditional joint family system where children used to have someone always at home to look after them and their activities.

At last you are the one who is the first listener, the incentive provider, the guide, first friend, teacher,  role model, critics and an observer who else can better guide and judge the kids then the parents themselves but if things go wrong way always seek help!!!


Mold it the way you want hold it till it doesn’t get firm after all they are your ‘Taare Zameen Par’

Wishes all its readers and Nation a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
‘Be save, Keep safe and say no to Alcohol’

The month of festivals clearly identify the diversity of Indian rich heritage and unity in diversity the beautiful month of October, well from the begging till the end of the month it’s all about celebration. 
From 1st of October where Navratri  begins to 31st of October  Diwali Gowardhan Puja, Annakut, Bali Pratipada, Dyuta Krida, New Samvat Begins, It’s never the end of celebration colour’s love joy food and the time of togetherness.


Little things to remember try to buy the earthen diya’s so that the prosperity also knocks the doors of these potters.
Don’t waste too much on crackers as save your money, environment and try to have colorful decorative diwali instead of having a noisy one.

Try to look around for people who are sick and old keep them away from noise and the smoke, go green.

Play hard party hard enjoy every second of festival but ‘Be save and Keep safe Avoid Alcohol’

Buy products from poor people making their diwali a happy and prosperous one.

Wishes all its readers and Nation a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
     ‘Be save, Keep safe and say no to Alcohol’

Is it suicide if you’re already dead inside?

Although yes it is but to live is very difficult and to die is easy as easy you sleep.

Search for light within you that dimnish due to the reasons hurrdles negativities failure and so on .

forever blue

I just need to breathe but I’m suffocating. Even after the deepest breath I’m still gasping for air.
Depressions like that; no matter how free you are there are still chains around your ankles. Weights dragging you down. Boulders tied to your arms.

I’m going to honest – suicide has been playing on my mind a lot recently. It seems increasingly like the only solution to what I’ve been feeling.

I’ve spent the last year telling myself I’ve been getting better. Telling myself I’m recovered. Telling myself I’m fine. But I know I’ve just been lying and I don’t think I can cope anymore. People are saying how proud they are of me for coming this far but all I can see is deceit.

It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been at univerity and everything just seems to keep getting worse. Maybe it because I’ve not seen my family…

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