My country

Ye sambhav toh nahi ki hum tere na hon ? E-Gandhi kahan gaya tera Hindustan , Kyun bikhra bikhra lagta hai chaman mera ….Wo jo khete the SARE JAHAN SE ACHCHA HINDUSTAN HUMARA……….?
Its not much of worthless to mention the #Pledge we used to take when in school assembly took place.

All indians are my brother and sister

Well ………Grow Up To Next level

September RAIN

O i love september ‘RAIN ’
It makes me feel like rabbit and Dove
Bcause they are sign of Peace and Love

But all the love goes in vain….
When i see the dirty lanes….
Filled with water and no where to drain….

O RAIN come again without messing the lanes where the home of stray dogs remain and they have sightseeing on daily base


Mass killing of humanity can not be described in articles stories or condolences in few words, God made human, Religions showed way to live life in a particular and mannered way to be the best of all his creation .
He served man with greatest of intelligence to learn to observe and to create and craft the best from everything but the question that rises here are we making the best of use of our being powerful among all on earth ?
To all those innocent children killed what is the future of world we are walking in ?