Impoverishment from enlightenment

Abdullah begana (A quick and witty take on the under impoverishment from knowledge )
‘Begani shaadi mein abdullah dewana’An idiom to mention a person so much involved in someones else affair even though when he has nothing to do with it,
So is the situation Neta has nothing to do with knowledge…..In past last comments over swine flu, A responsible neta has to speak something but without thinking.
It is rightly said think before u speak
Or speak when You have the knowledge
Or the utter speaker is always a fool
Better not to speak without knowing what would be the result !!!
Banduk se goli
Muh ki boli
Qalam ke lafz

Kabhi wapis nahi ate……

From Politicians to leaders

Later, i listened to the interview stating that now days polititians are there but no leader, fortunately or unfortunately we are born in the era of polititians who do have a Religion cast and a community to be precise enought that is of votes, of victory, of violence, of valuless speeches that helps to commute communalism castism and catastrophes of colonisation of minds, A clear mandate echoed some months back but it sounds that not much of its effect can be seen and though the ‘C’ and ‘V’ factor started creeping and growing with various new formulas again to colonialise the young indian minds,Though the young india again echoed and vowed for a leader in hope again …….loading, If one can see the traces of our national leaders the one amazing factor which comes out is lack of technology at that time but still there used to be leaders ‘one voice and whole nation stands unite’ How ?…….ThinkThe age of communication is here and we are in but for what ? Do we lack in resources ? Do we lack in knowledge ? Do we lack in technology ? What we are lacking in is a Leader to lead the nation its citizens its people ……….HopeTerror, territoritisation colonialisation among the religions among the hearts in the hearts …Today are’nt we colonialised,A citizen of this country cant ask an official about his/her ID A citizen of this country cant raise voice on a doctor A citizen of this country cant ask what about primary services which you promised to fullfill even whenI a citizen A tax payer A toll payer A bearer of hike due to your campaigning We Can’t even write an article Am i a free citizen ?Am i alive with my basic fundamental right, i heard about these somewhere i never enjoyed am i a citizen?You remind us about our duties time and again you tell me to fulfill them what about YOU DEAR