unity in diversity
This photo has won my heart and mind what would you say THIS IS INDIA
Do they have religion as well
This is how Political rifts divide even animals
Hum Tum
You can’t live without me I can’t live without You
My mom used to tell me that how they always enjoyed and celebrated each others happiness and sad moments there was no division many hindus were brought up in muslim families with there secured religious sentiments and total freedom to follow there religion and so vice versa

Breach in Your Own Candy

The soft target of i.e Muslims and terror organisations,

What would government say about the breach in there own candy, attacking a airforce strip is not a game simply it can only happen if your people are helping someone to infiltrate , Today the news clear all the speculations over the attack that how ‘BSF jaw an helped the smugglers’, Please see that this is not a country that can be defined by any one religion specific or person this is a country of long lasting and never ending unity integrity and secularism please hold this fact and don’t doubt your own country men i.e Muslims,



Source -India Today News

Vinaash kaale vipreet buddhi

It is the time when God will not spare the evil deeds soon .

A famous Sanskrit proverb says – vinaash kaale vipreet buddhi – meaning, when one’s destruction time is soon to arrive, one thinks unintelligently,Here it goes very well with the actions of todays 21st century humans, The year 2015 has faced lots of destructions loss of human lives calamities but if we are not learning from our mistakes then what we are up too the very recent Earthquake which as claimed was the result of .

Big earthquake detected near North Korean nuclear site: Reports


North Korea claims it detonated a hydrogen bomb in a test, a move … agencies that a large earthquake had been detected near a known North Korean nuclear test site.’

It is been found out that the earthquake is the result of Necular bomb test as further identified by

12 hours ago – View on Twitter
Media posted by WH National Security
We are aware of seismic activity on the Korean Peninsula & have seen claims of a nuclear test.
There is no second opinion that we are sinking and this world is at its worst state ….

Help Them To Earn NOT TO BEG

It is a very common view on the streets of Delhi Gurgaon or anyonther Metro city, 

Children’s selling various things, Help these kids by purchasing there products it will not only help them to earn there livelihood but will also prevent them from begging on streets and further preventing them in getting indulge in any criminal activity, In my view it is not very difficult to spent a little amount by buying there products and helping them to get selled these items , by showing some generosity towards these poor lads.

We spend lot of money on useless things shopping in and around everywhere and so much more, thus one step by us will increase there will and positive approach towards earning and to avoid from becoming easy prey of begging mafia .

Showing pity by giving money to the beggars does not help any off them as it is widely known that this is a big mafia operating and money is there aim so please don’t give money give food make them eat help them with medicines cloths so many other ways but not to give money to those who are begging only for money this only flourish much more effortless business and victims are poors kids .

Please don’t make Beggars Help them to earn Rather then to BEg