Toll troll

India is a large democratic Nation

facing new challenges every day running such a massive machinery is not at all easy to be precise enough, The economic disturbances and dis balance lets to the total segregation of Nations economic and price rise it comes whether from the policies and actions by the western world lets say about the war on Iraq by USA brought total inflation and slum in the whole world and as a result unemployment more crime and deprivation of people from the daily needs affair .The other day i was talking to a truck driver and he told me about the toll that toll takes away half of there pay paying toll makes it difficult for them lets analyse this as according to him apart from the normal entry toll there is ‘green tax’ as well thus it is quiet clear that toll troll some other the other way bringing with them the inflation every time toll rise the prise rise is obvious . Lets see about Manesar toll it is heard many a times that this toll should be closed still its on and so the toll 60 Rs for cars , Why toll is extracted ? i can observe the roads the condition is worst what the toll is being taken FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS THE FLYWAY WORK IS PENDING AND WE ARE STILL GIVING THE TAXES,for Indians are always busy paying from toll to tax to bribe kindly check what for you are paying and what you are getting become a ‘GO GETTER NOT A PAY PET’


If a child is trying hard to earn please at least help them to live respectfully better then begging ‘

I captured this video yeah i do gave her money as much i can India do says that even kid deserves to learn and live a healthy and happy life, but this is not possible every time and everywhere the poverty and the basic need of food makes this happen being an individual i can’t help her to study or raise her but at least possible is that i can do this i can ask people who just bypass and ignore her, that sweet lil girl waved to every    one saying NAMASTE AND BYE show some charity to her and this can help her not to land in the quicksand of begging i talked to her and she told me that she lives there only and does this to earn some money she never begs if anyone wants they give her so do i, i loved her sprite……SO DO U .