A thriller based on crimes related to toursim…

We take pleasure to announce the release of writer-director Abhishek Jawkar’s upcoming Bollywood crime thriller “Missing on a WEEKEND” produced by The Red Bulb Studios & Adept Films, introducing KARAN HARIHARAN, Son of legendary singer PADMASHREE Hariharan, and also starring Pavan Malhotra and Dishank Arora in a pivotal role of a top cop.

“Missing on a WEEKEND” has quite a few ‘firsts’ to its credit – this suspense thriller is producer Abhishek Jawkar’s first film who makes his foray into mainstream Hindi cinema as a Director after successful stints as a film distributor down south and having directed documentaries. Speaking about realizing his dream to direct films, Abhishek says, “10 years of experience in a film business, and sticking around through all the struggle, instilled in me the aspiration to become a director. At an early age I found that getting a producer for your film was not easy so I decided to produce it myself, but I was lucky enough to found Adept films (jointly producing the film) and finally don the Director’s hat!”

Versatile singer Shaan along with his band SUPERBIA is slated to make a comeback as music composer with Weekend. He has captivated his fans and many a music connoisseur in the past with his lilting tunes and dulcet voice. Also the surprise element of the music pack will be ‘JABRA FAN’ Singer Nakash Aziz who makes his debut as music composer alongside Shaan. Nakash Aziz is also doing the background music of the film.

Hariharan’s younger son Karan debuts as Laksh, the crucial character of this film who takes it forward with subtle nuances of his exemplary acting. Karan completed his acting course from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, LA and is now all geared up to face and give his best in front of the camera.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the ingenious actor Pavan Malhotra, with lead roles in National Award winning films in the past, who will be seen investigating the twisted case of murder mystery in Missing on a WEEKEND. His immense depth and acting ability is sure to be lauded for a long time to come.

In an attempt to highlight the recent crime scenes that have tarnished the safety factor of holidaying in India’s tourism capital, Goa, the movie promises to nudge viewers on an exciting spree. Versatile actor Pavan Malhotra essays the role of a top cop from CBI to investigate the case of a group of friends partying away the weekend in Goa. Laksh is found unconscious in Calangute beach and has lost his memory due to brutal head injury, one friend is found dead in a room and the other friends go missing.

Missing on the WEEKEND will boggle the mind of the audience with queries of whether the sole survivor Laksh will be attacked again? Will Ali Ansari find the missing friends? Can the police stop the underworld mafia in the beautiful tourist capital of India.

Watch out for this 48 hours of investigation thriller to find out whether Goa is safe for tourists. Weekend is slated for a monsoon release.

Abhishek Jawakar ,Pic credit:-The Red Bulb Studios & Adept Films
Abhishek Jawakar



The vast quantum of data that is available about crimes against women is an indicator in itself about the gravity of these crimes. Even though the government introduced new laws which means that people who commit rape “shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than seven years, but which may extend to imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.”


But data speaks some other tale, although efforts are being made on every front whether it is NGOs, social activists , television programs which recently started showing about the adolescent indulging in crime because of some or the other reason whether it is peer pressure, the lack of communication between parents, and the growing demands to stand out in friends circle,

ON the whole reasons are many but remedies are not sufficient enough to cure the curse of crimes.

Article Publish in Newspaper kindly follow the link for full story ,

Re-structuring A Human.

Compare and contrast

Why often i am told or reminded the lacking of my life , is this my fault  the world we are living in  is said to be the most advanced civilisation is it really so , I face the cruelty of the one who is not giving me anything more then a thought a question tag why i am like this why god did this with me why there are not like me just a heap of questions that surrounds me and haunt me give me pain more then the challenge is giving me who are these to pin point on my structure the way i am made why they are not ,I see peoples posting positive life quotes but still why i have to suffer and face the negative quotes i get daily sometimes on streets in market with friends at dinner just because i am not made the way they are made .

MOLD i am molded in a mold 
that no one else is made to 
fit in neither they deserve 
the special features i have 
still they feel pride on what they lack 
making me feel sufferer ,I ask just one question to God what is hidden and what is shown 
how should i compare and contrast what i owe 
I was passing when on the way i saw a beggar was searching food in municipal dustbin that was the moment when i was frozen .
THINK before YoU say 


This the the time when we are connected to virtual world so much that the meaning of true and real relations has started lagging behind consciously or unconsciously .

Over the years i have talked to more then thousands of people on social platforms initially people seems to be fair and good enough but then there are very small issues that hurt there egos and the other moment it happens, everything  starts becoming worst for say when there was yahoo messenger the demand was always to on the camera and show the identity while declining  this idea that polite person starts abusing and becomes a horrid man, at that time messenger was a craze and people used to become friend and connectivity was very instant and so was the end .

Sitting on the online platform we never know when interacting with strangers what they are who they are the identity lost thing or no identity thing while writing this article.

Similarly today the elite the very educated intellects are on Platforms those who hold the offices of responsibility but more then being social people are going wild on each other to prove there point and to satisfy there ego without even noticing that they are setting a worst of example in many sense whether hatred for each other , language usage, cold wars, etc .

I took a kind of survey and randomly added people to ask them about there experience on virtual world .

As stated by him it was,

It was an prank…


By my frnd He was having an id on fb And he made it luk totally like a girl okie lol He send me frnd rqst Actually he was my child hood frnd So he knew everything kool He made every possible way to make me realize dat he is a girl then do u flirted or like u talk to me ? And den he used to chat all day long

No actually i was not totally agreed by him ,okie

there was pics ? But some how he made fool

Yeah sure ,ok then ?

I will hav to find .Den he gave me his no and told me dat u can cll only in evening

Btween 4-6 ,He made his gf to talk to me

So i was totally cnfused

He said i m in love wid u

But on lighter note after 4 mnths he told me dat it was prank

It was his bday party

And all of them were just making me crazy



Dats all

hahha ,u dint cried falling in love with a girl

turned to be boy…I was astonished !!


thats kool


ok so tell me one thing


iska koi or impact ho sakta tha i mean other then this like he was your friend toh ?

Hmm Blkl

Vishwaas uth jaata h AgR wo mera frnd nhi hota to shayad i would have reacted in some other way yeah thats human psychology

Mtlb i cud have gone crazy

Mtlb kch bhi

Emotions k saath koi khele u wil definetly get hurt

Yeah thats what i am trying to figure out that such pranks can be very disastrous

Thanks for sharing .

Disclaimer: Kindly Note this is an observation, did not meant to hurt anyones feelings,



Re-form The Action

From political affairs to, The trending fashion of neo nomenclature appeared and to some extend sucessfully survived in breathing of Nation,
From bringing back, Kala Dhan to Kohinoor, nothing came except the age old tradition of peoples faith in vowing the emotional attyachar and vote bank divergence through ideological extremes towards political benefits.
From Vijay Mallya to the poor dying farmers, the faith is still surviving with the ‘Richie Rich,
From letters to slogans, The war of words to slangs
Justice seems no where .

‘Beneficiary are only the most Malicious Group’
and then we are told by the constitution to respect that group, who says
Suicide of farmer’s is a fashion.

Totally and totally
My views #writerspoint

The 60 seconds Mafia

Thinking of karma and giving alms to a beggar actually directly Seeding another “Poverty” tree in India! Out of the amount that we assume to be giving as part of Karma, charity, or alms 30% go for Bad Habits;20% for food & 50% for Saving .
How many times on traffic signals on metro stations people can notice them smoking this is quiet insensitive that even after seeing them spending the money on bad habbits we do believe that giving to beggars is a way of helping and a humanitarian cause
The Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959 criminalizes begging. Its aim is to remove beggars from their current illegal profession so that they may be detained, trained and eventually employed elsewhere.


The act was adopted by the Union Territory of Delhi in 1960. It is considered a violation of rights amongst activists and advocates of homeless people. Following is an overview of provisions in the act that are relevant to children ages 0-18.

Under this act, a child is defined as a boy who has not completed 16 years of age and a girl who has not completed 18 years of age. Hence under this act beggars found guilty by a court of law were sentence to a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years in Beggar’s Home Certified institution

Under the provisions of this act a person who solicited or exploited a child to beg for alms, can be sent to prison for a minimum of one year and maximum of three years. So far no case has been registered under the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, 1959, which was adopted by Delhi about 45 years ago, in 1960. It does not mean that our cities are free of beggars or hundreds of untraced children for years were not forced to beg by a mafia. Even the statutory ‘homes’ for beggars set up in the capital are empty. Obviously, the vacancy position is not because begging has ceased in Delhi or the number of beggars has gone down, but it is for the obvious reason that there is no implementation of the Act. This is our ethical responsibility to stop showing humanity by giving alms instead try to be a responsible citizen by choosing wisely. Get them to an NGO, Trust, Rehabilitation Centre for them ,


Unfortunately even though after such bodies beggars can be seen at every nook and corner, The governments are sitting aside even though begging mentioned as crime the protectors of law they themselves give no eye on the begging this Nexus which is growing day by day a few days back a gang of 6 beggars looted a shop in Mumbai so is this there need are they really in need of our money ?
Do NGOs and activist report such happenings incidences of daylight menace of beggars whether it is metro stations bus stands traffic signals worship places footpaths or outside restaurants
According to studies the annual earning of beggars in india is Rs 180 crore ,Even this huge amount of earning is not able to improve their condition why ?

Films like Traffic signal has encapsulated a microcosm of people who derive their daily livelihoods from it. There are beggars (kids and adults), prostitutes, tricksters, eunuchs and others who sell clothes, flowers and trinkets. They speak quickly But this is not it this also shows the Nexus behind the scene the evil that comprises politicians and the larger Mafia.

Thus where are those able bodies those who get huge funds to education them provide employment do we noticed any change in begging system our government NGOs Activists womens welfare Ashrams and so the Old age homes where they are working even after getting heavily funded.