This the the time when we are connected to virtual world so much that the meaning of true and real relations has started lagging behind consciously or unconsciously .

Over the years i have talked to more then thousands of people on social platforms initially people seems to be fair and good enough but then there are very small issues that hurt there egos and the other moment it happens, everything  starts becoming worst for say when there was yahoo messenger the demand was always to on the camera and show the identity while declining  this idea that polite person starts abusing and becomes a horrid man, at that time messenger was a craze and people used to become friend and connectivity was very instant and so was the end .

Sitting on the online platform we never know when interacting with strangers what they are who they are the identity lost thing or no identity thing while writing this article.

Similarly today the elite the very educated intellects are on Platforms those who hold the offices of responsibility but more then being social people are going wild on each other to prove there point and to satisfy there ego without even noticing that they are setting a worst of example in many sense whether hatred for each other , language usage, cold wars, etc .

I took a kind of survey and randomly added people to ask them about there experience on virtual world .

As stated by him it was,

It was an prank…


By my frnd He was having an id on fb And he made it luk totally like a girl okie lol He send me frnd rqst Actually he was my child hood frnd So he knew everything kool He made every possible way to make me realize dat he is a girl then do u flirted or like u talk to me ? And den he used to chat all day long

No actually i was not totally agreed by him ,okie

there was pics ? But some how he made fool

Yeah sure ,ok then ?

I will hav to find .Den he gave me his no and told me dat u can cll only in evening

Btween 4-6 ,He made his gf to talk to me

So i was totally cnfused

He said i m in love wid u

But on lighter note after 4 mnths he told me dat it was prank

It was his bday party

And all of them were just making me crazy



Dats all

hahha ,u dint cried falling in love with a girl

turned to be boy…I was astonished !!


thats kool


ok so tell me one thing


iska koi or impact ho sakta tha i mean other then this like he was your friend toh ?

Hmm Blkl

Vishwaas uth jaata h AgR wo mera frnd nhi hota to shayad i would have reacted in some other way yeah thats human psychology

Mtlb i cud have gone crazy

Mtlb kch bhi

Emotions k saath koi khele u wil definetly get hurt

Yeah thats what i am trying to figure out that such pranks can be very disastrous

Thanks for sharing .

Disclaimer: Kindly Note this is an observation, did not meant to hurt anyones feelings,




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