Re-structuring A Human.

Compare and contrast

Why often i am told or reminded the lacking of my life , is this my fault  the world we are living in  is said to be the most advanced civilisation is it really so , I face the cruelty of the one who is not giving me anything more then a thought a question tag why i am like this why god did this with me why there are not like me just a heap of questions that surrounds me and haunt me give me pain more then the challenge is giving me who are these to pin point on my structure the way i am made why they are not ,I see peoples posting positive life quotes but still why i have to suffer and face the negative quotes i get daily sometimes on streets in market with friends at dinner just because i am not made the way they are made .

MOLD i am molded in a mold 
that no one else is made to 
fit in neither they deserve 
the special features i have 
still they feel pride on what they lack 
making me feel sufferer ,I ask just one question to God what is hidden and what is shown 
how should i compare and contrast what i owe 
I was passing when on the way i saw a beggar was searching food in municipal dustbin that was the moment when i was frozen .
THINK before YoU say 

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