Self Colonization and Religious sentiments

An invasive tool to politics

Celebrating, every year the Gantantra Divas’ The Republic ..60 Years were not enough to reap the seeds of Divide and rule.

While st a country got independence from the colonial rule of the British Raj is still struggling to achieve self independence from the self obsession of religious colonization build upon around by the rulers to benefit their own goals of power money and corruption.

Certainly this Religious colonization building upon is pushing back the Nation from any sort of positive developments, As the 5 year freedom struggle starts from election campaigning to voting poll booths till the results. The Propaganda, communal hate speeches, spitting upon the poison of polarization, become essential tools to upheld the emotions on religious sentiments of the masses, subsequently a reason of ”Declared result”.
Instead of voters conscious effort, for the over all development, these colonial boundaries influence our conscious for various reasons to the extend that one becomes the tool of a particular ideology driven by a political party and candidate.

The above link shows the ground reality.

While in an interview Professor Raghuram Rajan argued that a ”colonial Mentality is hindering India’s economic growth and urged Indians to take a more proactive role in building up the country’s ”ACADEMIC HUMAN CAPITAL”,
So to ease the term “human capital’ the skills, knowledge, possessed by an individual or population viewed in terms of their value or cost to a country.

Communalism and Human Capital’,

Not to forget to mention that economic growth can take place in environment of tranquility, reason being communal-ism creates an atmosphere of intolerance and violence ‘‘lynching” can be seen an example promoted by the current center government,

which impends the flow of goods and capital unrest, productive activities are diverted and mass destruction of public property, and human life can be seen to spread one kind of ideology which is quiet evident in the Modern India in the form of Cow Vigilantes and mob killers or lynchers.

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