22ND March2020

Who might have thought of being locked into their own homes and living in  out most fear of a pandemic in the year 2020.
Around 23 Dec 2020, i was not well and suffered from something like hay fever, i was so weak and having trouble breathing after few days of constant pain in stomach and indigestion and dry mouth went for consultation, got my medicines mostly for indigestion but got relief afterwards, while on the other hand most of the known relatives and friend told the same story of indigestion and fever with more or less same symptoms , to my remembrance the first time i got to see the news of corona virus outbreak news was somewhere in February, although the disease was already reported way back in November 2019 somewhere as the reports suggest. That is now a global pandemic.
The pandemic not only bought a surge of fear but it rather took a toll on every aspect of human life. From life style changes to health care and economic drift, bought about everything that we as a 21st century developed humans never though of, corona virus as a global threat bought major changes in traveling industry, worlds longest lock down happened and everything from tourism to education to playgrounds everything was in a lock down, we humans were and still are in a lock down kind of situation, many countries till now a date still in lock down some countries gave few relaxations and others are striving hard to get over this pandemic.


Next Part 02…..coming soon, speculations and different theories towards the end of pandemic.