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From political affairs to, The trending fashion of neo nomenclature appeared and to some extend successfully survived in breathing of Nation,

From political affairs to, The trending fashion of neo nomenclature appeared and to some extend successfully survived in breathing of Nation,

From bringing back, Kala Dhan to Kohinoor, nothing came except the age old tradition of peoples faith in vowing the emotional attyachar and vote bank divergence through ideological extremes towards political benefits.

From Vijay Mallya to the poor dying farmers, the faith is still surviving with the ‘Richie Rich,
From letters to slogans, The war of words to slangs
Justice seems no where .

‘Beneficiary are only the most Malicious Group’
and then we are told by the constitution to respect that group, who says
Suicide of farmer’s is a fashion.

The claims of surgical strike propaganda and making it the last way to vote. Whether it is National or international affair the heat of politics and its related effects only effect the public, who innocently every time votes and elect those who turns to be nothing but the blood suckers of Nations Tolerance, Unity, and Economic resources. 
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‘Durga Puja’ And ‘Muharram’

Religious tolerance is our strength.


Muḥarram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year. Since the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar,Some Muslims fast during these days. The tenth day of Muharram is the Day of Ashura, which to Shia Muslims is part of the Mourning of Muharram.

India Photo Stock Images
Decorated pandal of Durga Puja festival in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India. Durga Puja is the main Hindu festival of West Bengal. It is celebrated by Bengali Hindus by holding community functions in ‘Durga puja pandals’ which are very artistically decorated and compete for prizes. Cultural and musical programmes including ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ and plays called ‘Jatras’ are held over a four day period, culminating in the immersion of the diety on ‘Bijoya’ which is celebrated as ‘Dusra’ or ‘Dushehra’ in many parts of India. ‘Bijoya’ is regarded as the Bengali new year.


Shraddha Days

With-in-self-spiritual-healing-is-calling-us !!!

Starting the write-up with a comment which is very genuine in nature to quote here.

”Mannu Man
Works at Blue Berry Travel Group”

Duniya m ese b log h jinhone insan k jinda hote hue use kuch dng s khilaya pilaya nhi
Ab pitra dasha k dar se crow ko khana khila rhe hai”
(There are people in this world who doesn’t care about living people , they don’t feed them up. From the fear of PITRA DASHA they feed cows”)

I am getting largely getting connect with all or most of the cultural practices but my believe in One God and Kindness will stay above all.

Yesterday i visited a store in MGF Mall named ‘THE WISHING TREE’ as we step in any such place which has some linkage to to spirituality a positive vibe come bring goosebumps honestly my experiences of visiting such stores adds new knowledge and an untold power to feel what we can’t see,

On talking to the store manager, he mentioned about his Ashram as well and the products which are already manufactured there only. The purpose to write and share such things is always to spread kindness spirituality and let people give a second though that before following religion it is ‘HUMANITY THAT IS THE BASE LINE OR CONCEPT OF EVERY RELIGION’.

As we can see and notice we as a human are become more intolerant and biased more of wars conflicts crimes.

With-in-self-spiritual-healing-is-calling-us !!!

All i wan’t to say and think is don’t do it because of any fear but do it when you have your parents your relations in this world only.





Matrimonial Site Conflict’s

Till you talk all about love its fair, the day you ask commitment it gets worse !!!

It can be quiet unimaginable to some that some one is going to share the Matrimonial Site Conflict’s, actually today i have really lost control over my emotions and now i don’t seek, think or feel it as my personal issue to be kept hidden. Going on a Matrimonial Site was never my own chosen concept, But Gods will and a desire to find a perfect or say a one Prince charming with perfection or no perfection,

Traits:- The Common found trait is to ask for some months of conversation to understand each other, But after ample of time when it comes to marriage or the involvement of parents things started getting sore bitter and what not.

Even though knowing the requirement of family, they are not essentially not revealed at the begging but as it comes closer to getting married or alliance, they start to come out one by one.

Till you talk all about love its fair, the day you ask commitment it gets worse !!!

#Generally people search for time pass relations.
#Asking for commitment is highly unappreciable.
#The day you connect, Emotional Attyachar starts.
#Over ‘you don’t believe me’ ?
#What if i have ever said ‘NO’.
#Literally i have faced such a heated slangs and abusive language and so much more.
#Pretend and Originality are two different things, there is no relation between both.

A Year On Site:-  It has only taught me not to believe on anyone and there is nothing called as #Love #LongTermRelationship #Commitment #Believe #Faith #Honesty #Marriage,

Lose of Innocence :- Again this can sound a bit weird but yes this is true i have lost my #Innocence #FaithInLove #Marriage and #FaithInPeople.

Emotional Loss:- Emotionally i am traumatised, i feel worthless to have a partner, outdated as not to have boyfriends but to wait and believe in the institution of marriage, But last what i get is emotional loss, depression incompetency within self after this kind of process where Guys are very much into the art of tracking down a girl like us making us to believe and then a setback and another and another and so on.

Thinking only about where i am wrong?