22ND March2020

Who might have thought of being locked into their own homes and living in  out most fear of a pandemic in the year 2020.
Around 23 Dec 2020, i was not well and suffered from something like hay fever, i was so weak and having trouble breathing after few days of constant pain in stomach and indigestion and dry mouth went for consultation, got my medicines mostly for indigestion but got relief afterwards, while on the other hand most of the known relatives and friend told the same story of indigestion and fever with more or less same symptoms , to my remembrance the first time i got to see the news of corona virus outbreak news was somewhere in February, although the disease was already reported way back in November 2019 somewhere as the reports suggest. That is now a global pandemic.
The pandemic not only bought a surge of fear but it rather took a toll on every aspect of human life. From life style changes to health care and economic drift, bought about everything that we as a 21st century developed humans never though of, corona virus as a global threat bought major changes in traveling industry, worlds longest lock down happened and everything from tourism to education to playgrounds everything was in a lock down, we humans were and still are in a lock down kind of situation, many countries till now a date still in lock down some countries gave few relaxations and others are striving hard to get over this pandemic.


Next Part 02…..coming soon, speculations and different theories towards the end of pandemic.

Self Colonization and Religious sentiments

An invasive tool to politics

Celebrating, every year the Gantantra Divas’ The Republic ..60 Years were not enough to reap the seeds of Divide and rule.

While st a country got independence from the colonial rule of the British Raj is still struggling to achieve self independence from the self obsession of religious colonization build upon around by the rulers to benefit their own goals of power money and corruption.

Certainly this Religious colonization building upon is pushing back the Nation from any sort of positive developments, As the 5 year freedom struggle starts from election campaigning to voting poll booths till the results. The Propaganda, communal hate speeches, spitting upon the poison of polarization, become essential tools to upheld the emotions on religious sentiments of the masses, subsequently a reason of ”Declared result”.
Instead of voters conscious effort, for the over all development, these colonial boundaries influence our conscious for various reasons to the extend that one becomes the tool of a particular ideology driven by a political party and candidate.


The above link shows the ground reality.

While in an interview Professor Raghuram Rajan argued that a ”colonial Mentality is hindering India’s economic growth and urged Indians to take a more proactive role in building up the country’s ”ACADEMIC HUMAN CAPITAL”,
So to ease the term “human capital’ the skills, knowledge, possessed by an individual or population viewed in terms of their value or cost to a country.

Communalism and Human Capital’,

Not to forget to mention that economic growth can take place in environment of tranquility, reason being communal-ism creates an atmosphere of intolerance and violence ‘‘lynching” can be seen an example promoted by the current center government,

which impends the flow of goods and capital unrest, productive activities are diverted and mass destruction of public property, and human life can be seen to spread one kind of ideology which is quiet evident in the Modern India in the form of Cow Vigilantes and mob killers or lynchers.

Is it suicide if you’re already dead inside?

Although yes it is but to live is very difficult and to die is easy as easy you sleep.

Search for light within you that dimnish due to the reasons hurrdles negativities failure and so on .

forever blue

I just need to breathe but I’m suffocating. Even after the deepest breath I’m still gasping for air.
Depressions like that; no matter how free you are there are still chains around your ankles. Weights dragging you down. Boulders tied to your arms.

I’m going to honest – suicide has been playing on my mind a lot recently. It seems increasingly like the only solution to what I’ve been feeling.

I’ve spent the last year telling myself I’ve been getting better. Telling myself I’m recovered. Telling myself I’m fine. But I know I’ve just been lying and I don’t think I can cope anymore. People are saying how proud they are of me for coming this far but all I can see is deceit.

It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve been at univerity and everything just seems to keep getting worse. Maybe it because I’ve not seen my family…

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Street Dogs ,Human,Training and Social Security

Indeed a great idea but the question is who will spent penny on solution.

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Hey Guys wass up. Today I bring up with me some innovative and humanity related content to my blog and that about the animals of glob. and the theme of our todays blog is Training to the street dogs and give them back to the society ,make them soldiers and make them well capable also to the dogs of the street

Yesterday I was roaming on the street with the friends and saw the street dogs as usual but this time I thought some innovative that’s what I am going to discuss .

We many times have seen the rich class persons roam with their dogs and while they roam on t he street the street dog is somewhere searching for the food ,or get beaten by someone or smelling for e on waste materials so isn’t it look awkward like moments or desperate or unequal ar racial discrimination with street…

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‘A strange fate befell Muhammad Ali in the 1990s’, Mike Marqusee writes in Redemption Song, his wonderful, illuminating study of ‘Muhammad Ali and the Spirit of the Sixties’. ‘The man who had defied the American establishment was taken into its bosom. There he was lavished with an affection which had been strikingly absent thirty years […]

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Taken from life: The unsettling art of death photography

Quiet an intense pattern of art, where the loved one’s were captured right after the death so as to make them lively forever with the families as a Momento.

Kindly note the story credit is BBC News.

Photographs of loved ones taken after they died may seem morbid to modern sensibilities. But in Victorian England, they became a way of commemorating the dead and blunting the sharpness of grief.

In images that are both unsettling and strangely poignant, families pose with the dead, infants appear asleep, and consumptive young ladies elegantly recline, the disease not only taking their life but increasing their beauty

Victorian life was suffused with death. Epidemics such as diphtheria, typhus and cholera scarred the country, and from 1861 the bereaved Queen made mourning fashionable.

Trinkets of memento mori – literally meaning “remember you must die” – took several forms, and existed long before Victorian times.


It was common for families to have lots of children, and also common for them to die before their fifth birthday. In this picture, the youngest child has died and is propped against a stand for the picture

On some occasions eyes would be painted on to the photograph after it was developed, which was meant to make the deceased more lifelike (left) while other times death was more obvious


Two girls pose with their dead mother, while a Victorian father mourns his baby. The woman on the right’s cheeks have been tinted while her deceased toddler remains pale


Photography studios would take a memento mori picture and print it on cards for the bereaved to give to friends and relatives.


Enter a captionLocks of hair cut from the dead were arranged and worn in lockets and rings, death masks were created in wax, and the images and symbols of death appeared in paintings and sculptures.

But in the mid-1800s photography was becoming increasingly popular and affordable – leading to memento mori photographic portraiture.

The first successful form of photography the daguerreotype – a small, highly detailed picture on polished silver – was an expensive luxury, but not nearly as costly as having a portrait painted, which previously had been the only way of permanently preserving someone’s image.

As the number of photographers increased, the cost of daguerreotypes fell. Less costly procedures were introduced in the 1850s, such as using thin metal, glass or paper rather than silver.

Two girls pose with their dead mother, while a Victorian father mourns his baby. The woman on the right’s cheeks have been tinted while her deceased toddler remains pale

Death portraiture became increasingly popular. Victorian nurseries were plagued by measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, rubella – all of which could be fatal.

It was often the first time families thought of having a photograph taken – it was the last chance to have a permanent likeness of a beloved child.

But as healthcare improved the life expectancy of children, the demand for death photography diminished.

The advent of snapshots sounded the death knell for the art – as most families would have photographs taken in life.

Now, these images of men, women and children stoically containing their grief in order to preserve the likeness of a taken-too-soon loved one, continue to live up to their name.

Memento mori: remember, you must die.




The death of a loved one was often the trigger to have a family portrait taken – the last chance to have a permanent record of a beloved child


Memento mori photography was not just popular in Europe. These pictures were taken in Australia and are part of a collection at the State Library of South Australia.


The story credit is by BBC News. Sharing the story is quiet intense in its pattern of art. where the loved one’s were captured right after the death so as to make them lively forever with the families as a momento .


A thriller based on crimes related to toursim…

We take pleasure to announce the release of writer-director Abhishek Jawkar’s upcoming Bollywood crime thriller “Missing on a WEEKEND” produced by The Red Bulb Studios & Adept Films, introducing KARAN HARIHARAN, Son of legendary singer PADMASHREE Hariharan, and also starring Pavan Malhotra and Dishank Arora in a pivotal role of a top cop.

“Missing on a WEEKEND” has quite a few ‘firsts’ to its credit – this suspense thriller is producer Abhishek Jawkar’s first film who makes his foray into mainstream Hindi cinema as a Director after successful stints as a film distributor down south and having directed documentaries. Speaking about realizing his dream to direct films, Abhishek says, “10 years of experience in a film business, and sticking around through all the struggle, instilled in me the aspiration to become a director. At an early age I found that getting a producer for your film was not easy so I decided to produce it myself, but I was lucky enough to found Adept films (jointly producing the film) and finally don the Director’s hat!”

Versatile singer Shaan along with his band SUPERBIA is slated to make a comeback as music composer with Weekend. He has captivated his fans and many a music connoisseur in the past with his lilting tunes and dulcet voice. Also the surprise element of the music pack will be ‘JABRA FAN’ Singer Nakash Aziz who makes his debut as music composer alongside Shaan. Nakash Aziz is also doing the background music of the film.

Hariharan’s younger son Karan debuts as Laksh, the crucial character of this film who takes it forward with subtle nuances of his exemplary acting. Karan completed his acting course from Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, LA and is now all geared up to face and give his best in front of the camera.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the ingenious actor Pavan Malhotra, with lead roles in National Award winning films in the past, who will be seen investigating the twisted case of murder mystery in Missing on a WEEKEND. His immense depth and acting ability is sure to be lauded for a long time to come.

In an attempt to highlight the recent crime scenes that have tarnished the safety factor of holidaying in India’s tourism capital, Goa, the movie promises to nudge viewers on an exciting spree. Versatile actor Pavan Malhotra essays the role of a top cop from CBI to investigate the case of a group of friends partying away the weekend in Goa. Laksh is found unconscious in Calangute beach and has lost his memory due to brutal head injury, one friend is found dead in a room and the other friends go missing.

Missing on the WEEKEND will boggle the mind of the audience with queries of whether the sole survivor Laksh will be attacked again? Will Ali Ansari find the missing friends? Can the police stop the underworld mafia in the beautiful tourist capital of India.

Watch out for this 48 hours of investigation thriller to find out whether Goa is safe for tourists. Weekend is slated for a monsoon release.

Abhishek Jawakar ,Pic credit:-The Red Bulb Studios & Adept Films
Abhishek Jawakar

Cynicism-A Total Interest

 It is a total public cynicism about strong politics"
While in a conversation with a budding journalist, i always keeps a margin line between whether to fall in that particular span stête-à-tête (private conversation) or to shun the idea without falling into a grudge or disapproval between on negative terms.
When it comes to Political debate or Religious one ! It is better to keep in mind 'THE Theory of survival of fittest by Herbert Spencer'
 Well he raised a nice question that why we claim or question and raise points on the particular leaders i.e P.M why to take his name and of others why not to address it as state Government and state Governments ?
Quiet interesting question but then i put forth my opinion as lets say in a classroom which is headed by a class teacher, Its her/him Responsible to stabilise the over all environment and to look after each and every affair regarding to Disciplinary acts ? Well if something happens first she is authorised to punish and treat the students to maintain the classroom discipline, and the if things still doesn’t work accordingly to the system the HeadMaster,Principle,Board of studies, etc are responsive bodies
This was just a very simple example to put my point that when government is chosen then it it the members who won the votes not the party ? Party can be in majority or in collaboration after the mandate its obvious the representatives are recognised from the parties to which they belong to , But the existence only happen after mandate ,
SO when a Government comes into power it is not only one person or party it is the whole batch who rules and makes a party then there is hierarchy Thus the head of the party is always answerable and is responsible to look after Disciplinary Acts of its members !!
Well so it is Quite justified to Question the Ruling heads of the party when they are not looking upon there Ministers Actions and speeches . Fundamentally and Constitutionally it is our Right as well as duty,
Sending the kids to school we do ‘recce’ after all its about the Future of kids.
Then why not to ‘Recce’ before Voting ?



The wildest and lampoon reaction from the controversy sprouted out from The JNU roar and slogans that hit harder on the sentiments of countrymen,
And yet another thrust and bewildered uproar asking to sent such people to pakistan china not only this but they are anti-national terrorist and are responsible for the terror acts and if the government didnt not take the measures to stop such voices there will be future laden kasab …(as the comments says ) on large social domains,

The new political scenario which is creating a new wave of hatred among the communities on the bases of food habits, provocative speeches, suppression , and whole new system working against ‘the youth wing of country ‘.

To sublimate the whole generation on the same hatred (Vichar Dhara) can’t coexist at the same time in this time when the need is about employment , safety, food, shelter, poverty, freedom to speak without fear, unity , integrity, secularity , and so on ….

The coexistence of a Nation does not lie in the ‘slogan-ism syndrome’ It is in blood not on tongue ….IF it is so then tongue says so much why not every thing is taken as a part of NATIONALISM …..The grievances of poor farmers the sucide the killings of innocent and sincere IPS and IAS officers ?

The trending target Kashmir and above all the educational institutes, IF you have divided people for decades over the religious lines of building MANDIR AND MASJID, which is now not working .


My view my perspective in response to the happenings
Note :- Are not intended to harm or hurt emotional or sentimental or religious ideologies , But TO SPEAK ON ANTI YOUTH ANTI NATIONAL ELEMENTS THOSE WHO PUT GODSE AS IDEAL  , NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE .


unity in diversity
This photo has won my heart and mind what would you say THIS IS INDIA

Do they have religion as well
This is how Political rifts divide even animals

Hum Tum
You can’t live without me I can’t live without You

My mom used to tell me that how they always enjoyed and celebrated each others happiness and sad moments there was no division many hindus were brought up in muslim families with there secured religious sentiments and total freedom to follow there religion and so vice versa