Vicious Cycle of Life: – The Karma

Karma the deeds There are two things, on which the soul is being feeded one the vicious cycle of life and the other is Karma or Deeds. Karma is a Sanskrit word means deeds actions it refers to spiritual principle of cause and effect where intentions and actions of an individual influence the life.

In Urdu karma is also known as Amaal, this is quite interesting that we as a world of 7 continents, 5 Oceans, around 194 countries, and around 6,500 languages. But the spun of spirituality revolves around the thread of unique identification even though after such a huge bar of differences among human races.

Spirituality is something different from Religion or being religious. It counts for the strong inner catharsis which helps in the releasing process and provides relief from inner guilt’s repressed thoughts and establishes a relation between soul and mind and body or say ‘spiritualism is the food for soul’



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Beauty is holding every moment the ‘Dipawali diyas floating in pot’

THE WORLD OF SUFISIM  Sufism, Healing, & Peace‎ Food for Soul a perfect blend of Music and yet divinity.

The Divine Union : Sufi Music : Call Of A Sufi
Sufi in Omdurman
Going in trance on Sufi gathering on Friday in Omdurman Hamda al Nil shrine. . Sufism, mystical brotherhood and ecstatic version of Islam, is very popular in Sudan. Led by spiritual guidance of leaders called sheikhs, Sufi meet on various occasions, important in Islamic calendar such as Friday or Day of The Sacrifice, Eid – Al – Adha to celebrate and perform rituals called zikr, which involve chanting, dancing , breath control and going in trance like states in order to be closer to god.
Art in Sufism
What you seek is seeking you ‘Rumi’
The Calligraphy
Sufism Symbol

4 thoughts on “KARMA/SUFISIM

  1. Excellent article and well articulated .. a comparison study of sufism with karma is well balanced written . congratulations . Keep it up


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